Welwyn Hatfield Health Coach


I am Wellness Coach Danita and I’m passionate about an integrated approach to both diet and lifestyle changes, to improve an overall healthy active lifestyle for the individual, whole family, corporates, and my community.

Welwyn Hatfield Health Coach

In 2014, I have found the benefit of balanced nutrition on-the-go in my own life, out of pure desperation as a super busy business owner. I approached a Herbalife Nutrition friend. The conversation went a bit like this: I need healthy, food on the go, easy to make, yummy and affordable nutrition, if it is going to become a lifestyle… After only three days, I experienced just that, and I had a new level of energy. After 21 days on Herbalife Nutrition I’ve noticed a massive difference in my long distance running, an improvement on all of my body scan ratings, including being much more alert in the mornings. Since then, I’ve never skipped a breakfast, enjoy a daily active lifestyle and managed my weight successfully.

Whether you need to fix your breakfast, increase energy levels, or maybe you have a serious health and fitness goal, want to improve skin care, or enhance your sport performance, I would love to journey with you.



Herbalife Nutrition is a leading global nutrition company. We celebrate over 40 years of making the world healthier and happier, and I would love to share it with you.

I can help with:

Weight Gain
Weight Loss
Weight Management

Sports Nutrition
Personal Skin Care
Health & Fitness

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Do you have any special dietary requirements? Our nutrition also has gluten free, lactose free, soya free options, as well as vegan sourced ingredients. What are your health and fitness goals? It might be as simple as fixing your breakfast, more energy, or improving skin care or sport performance? Take a few minutes to complete my online wellness evaluation.


Whether it be fixing your breakfast, increasing your energy, or improving skin care or sport performance, I can help. Please take a few minutes to complete my online wellness evaluation, or get in touch using the form below.

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